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2035.01373 Skeleton Drive

2035.01373 Skeleton Drive


The 2035 01373 skeleton drive unit incorporates the use of a caterpillar drive chain connection to the head shaft and idler shaft assembly. The skeleton drive is not equipped with a motor, reducer, friction clutch, driven sprocket, or roller chain. The skeleton drive unit is used in Zig-Zag, Twin-Trak and OveRWay applications. Most commonly, the unit is used where the customer needs to replace their existing drive, but wants to use the existing motor, reducer, and sprockets. The skeleton is
also used where the customer wants to supply his own motor, reducer, and sprockets The unit can be used with an extended head shaft and jackshaft to join two or more conveyors together for timing purposes.  The capacity of the unit is 750 lbs Chain Pull.

SKU: 2035.01373
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