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2035.01974.300H High Performance Conveyor Chain 300'

2035.01974.300H High Performance Conveyor Chain 300'


This chain is designed for maximum flexibility It is made up of a series of alternating vertical wheels and lateral roller units with the vertical wheels on 6" centers. These units are assembled to make up a universal joint-like chain which operates around short-radius vertical or horizontal curves with equal success. The vertical wheels consist of machined wheels with precision alloy caged steel ball bearings. The vertical wheels carry the load and roll on the bottom of the trackexcept when negotiating bottom vertical curves, then they bear against the top of the track. The lateral unit is manufactured in the same manner as the vertical wheel and is assembled into a forged steel link.
The machined wheels roll against the sides of the track when going around horizontal curves. The vertical and lateral units are connectedby means of alloy pins and hardened steel rollers which take the thrust in either direction. The chain is detachable at any point The chain is
preassembled in 10-foot coils or 300-feet in a crate.
6" Pitch
High Performance Conveyor Chain has a pitch of 6" and is the shortest in the industry. This allows up to 33 percent more productivity. The pitch of our chain allows you to space load pendants closer with less wheel loading, allowing for more product throughput. This shorter pitch also allows for tighter radius horizontal curves Richards-Wilcox can provide standard stock 18" radius horizontal curves.
Load Pin
High Performance Conveyor Chain is manufactured with a pendant load pin. Unlike some competitors, Richards-Wilcox pendants are mounted to a load pin and not the wheel axle. This eliminates unnecessary wear and torsional loads to critical parts of the chain,
thereby increasing your productivity and decreasing your downtime.
Installation and Maintenance
By design, High Performance Conveyor Chain is made for ease of installation and maintenance. Our chain may be disassembled at any point by simply removing a cotter pin.

SKU: 2035.01974.300H
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