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2035.01687 Framed Take-Up
  • 2035.01687 Framed Take-Up


    Factory made, ready to be hoisted and hung, this frame provides a rigid base and helps make alignment positive. The frame is permanently mounted; only the actuator and conveyor move. Tensioning is accomplished with your choice of screw, spring, or air cylinder packages listed below. Available for 2'-0" R curves (4' maximum track spread). Some type of tensioning is necessary on all Zig-Zag conveyor systems to take up slack chain created by wear or temperature changes. In addition to the factory made versions described on this page, Richards-Wilcox makes screw take-up fittings for field assembly.
    NOTE: Complete unit consists of one frame and one set of hardware
    for screw, spring or air take-up.

    SKU: 2035.01687
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