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2035.00669 Electro-Brush Oiler

2035.00669 Electro-Brush Oiler


The proper lubrication of the conveyor chain is of paramount importance not onlyto the successful operation of a conveyor system, but to the life of the product aswell Proper lubricant should be recommended by a qualified lubricating engineerwho has made a study of the processing machinery and atmospheric conditions towhich the system will be subjected Special safeguards must be taken to protect thechain when it moves through high temperatures, extremely low temperatures, acidconditions such as bonderizing, alkaline washers, or other chemicals which couldreduce the life of the bearings and other parts We caution against the use of graphite basedlubricants which tend to build up excessive deposits of foreign matter unless the chainis thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals We urge the use of our sanitary hook in acidor paint spray conditions.

2035 00669 Electro-Brush Oiler
The brush type oiling device makes contact with the chain, distributing the lubricant
to the various parts A 115 volt solenoid shut-off valve is provided at the bottom of the
tank reservoir.

SKU: 2035.00669
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