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2035.02893 Automatic Controlled Lubricator

2035.02893 Automatic Controlled Lubricator


The proper lubrication of the conveyor chain is of paramount importance not only
to the successful operation of a conveyor system, but to the life of the product as
well Proper lubricant should be recommended by a qualified lubricating engineer
who has made a study of the processing machinery and atmospheric conditions to
which the system will be subjected Special safeguards must be taken to protect the
chain when it moves through high temperatures, extremely low temperatures, acid
conditions such as bonderizing, alkaline washers, or other chemicals which could
reduce the life of the bearings and other parts We caution against the use of graphite based
lubricants which tend to build up excessive deposits of foreign matter unless the chain
is thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals We urge the use of our sanitary hook in acid
or paint spray conditions.

2035 02893 Automatic Controlled Lubricator
This automatic timer controlled lubricator is designed to precisely lubricate the critical
bearing points of the conveyor chain It has five nozzles located to dispense lubricant
on the vertical and lateral wheel bearings, vertical link pin and roller It is equipped
with a 168 hour adjustable timer which can be set for as little as 20 minutes out of 168
hours of conveyor operation.

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