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2035.01372 1 1/2 HP Drive Unit

2035.01372 1 1/2 HP Drive Unit


The drive units are fabricated using a skeleton drive unit. The motor and reducer are connected with sprockets and roller chain to the head shaft, which drive the caterpillar chain and transmit the power to the conveyor chain. Adequate protection is provided for reasonable momentary overloads, and
the assembly is also equipped with a friction clutch for protection against excessive overload.
The 2035 01372 drive uses a 1- 1/2 horsepower inverter duty motor and a speed reducer with a 20 to 1 ratio. The drive has a constant speed of 45 feet per minute at 60 hertz, or by using the 2035 02799
(230V) or 2035 02802 (460V) A C inverter, has a speed range of 9 to 45 FPM.

SKU: 2035.01372
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